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Full Body – SLIDES Basic Part (1)


Rest 15 seconds


Rest 15 seconds



Rest 15 seconds


Rest 15 seconds and go back to Exercise number 1.

With the help of my personal-trainer/friend Michael Olajide, I have created a  workout routine based on 13 differents exercises that could be done pretty much anywhere..

That way I/you have to excuse when traveling to a remote location that doesn’t have a gymnasium or even a little road/space  for running/jogging.

I usually combine this slides exercises with either running, jump-rombing or cycling for 20 minutes.

Here are 3 of the moves for you to start practicing and remember, you can go slow but make sure all the moves are been done correctly. That way you can get better results concentrating on each muscle during each exercise.

Today I normally do 4 ROUNDS, but you can start with 2 or 3 and add as you feel more comfortable.

Well, Have fun and let me know how did it go!!!


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