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The Vegan experience




chef Miguel Bautista

A quick interview with our Vegan chef this weekend.

Loving all the meals, dishes and can wait to have him teaching some favorites.

That way I can share with you guys as well.


1- What made you vegan? any particular reason and when did you started?

Animal abuse especially,

I have been vegetarian for more than 25 years, almost my whole life.

Eleven years ago I become vegan because of many reasons.

Love for the animals, love for the planet and love for my own life.

2-  Did you became a chef as a consequence of been vegan or the other way around?

I Always wanted to be a chef and study culynary. Until I find out it was possible and could because my reality

Since little, I didn’t enjoy eating meat so it felt very natural the process thru the years.

kind of an evolution

3- Do you work in a restaurant, do you have your own company, and where it is?

I’m an executive chef and part owner of a Vegan Raw restaurant called  Vegan Planet 

It’s located in Cancun, México.

We also sell all kinds of vegan superfoods, superherbs, vegan proteins, raw food, raw snacks,

vegan gluten free bakery and many more goodies.

3- You’re going to be taking care of our healthy diet this weekend,

can you us what is your secret to keep us away from the regular food and super strong for the workouts?

We don’t use any process foods, or  animal.

We gonna balance your diet with organic whole foods, such as

grains,fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, raw vegan proteins ,superfoods,

raw cacao, gluten free breads, and will use super herbs like turmeric,

matcha, green tea, cayenne pepper and raw cheeses.

Animal proteins are hard to digest,

you need approx 80 % of your 100% energy to process and it takes 72 hours (3 days) to digest.

When you eat a vegan diet, with lots of raw and fresh ingredients,

you end up using only  20 to 30 % of energy which means 8 to 12 hours to digest. being the  opposition

leaving you 80 % of energy to keep going during your activities and even

at night time you will sleep better because your digestion system will slowing at night.

You will rest and have your body prepared for the next morning.

4- What is your favorite dish? Can be a meal, a snack, a juice.

Raw Cacao,

coconut smoothies

Avocado raw soup

Raw Macadamia nuts cheese


5- If after the camp I want to continue tasting your delicious menu

or take this diet back home, what is your advice on how to proceed?

Something, in particular, I should stay away from? What is the number one ingredient you can leave without?

As human been and animals we should always avoid animal product or process food.

In our diet, also avoid any canned product, refined sugar, flours, and Fried foods.

Water is the ingredient I can’t leave without …


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