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AeroSpaceHPC Masters – Interview


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Michael Olajide

The Training Camp is finished but for sure we have created

amazing memories that will hold our expectations until next year. All attendees “25 of us” did four workouts a day,

starting at 6 am with Aeroyoga.

At 9 am there would be Aero3 (an hour and half of jumping rope,

squats, discs, resistance bands, and abs work),

then at 2 P.M. Aeroblast (one-on-one boxing for an hour), and finally,

at 5 P.M., AeroImpact (90 minutes of boxing with bags).

Below a little interview with the masters of Boxing and body condition

Michael Olajide and Leila Fazel “The Flash”.

Get ready for the best workout you can have1

 1- How did this marriage start? and when Aerospace was born?

We met in 1998.

Michael was teaching classes at a big NYC fitness club.  I took his class and was completely addicted.

At the time, I was working for an Hotelier and introduced Michael to him to see the potential of a collaboration.

The Hotelier (Ian Schrager) loved Michael and what he was doing but wasn’t ready to commit to a gym with him.

Michael and I began to work on small projects, videos, etc together.

6 years later we decided to start our own gym.

Aerospace was born!

 2- are you excited for the round2?

what are your expectations for this year?

Round 2 of the training camp is really exciting!

We are thrilled that so many people wanted to join this year and we had to have a waiting list.

We expect that once again people will have such an among experience that the camp will continue to grow

and we may have to additional dates during the year.

 3- Is the training camp a good introduction for initiates or you think works best for people that already been taking classes?

It is equally beneficial for new people and veterans.

The programs are designed to grow with you so whether a beginner or advanced there is always so much to gain.

The camp is so intense that it’s a new experience for everyone weather they are used to the classes or not.

 4- Anything to add this year that will make the Camp even better than last year?

 We are excited about our new Venue! It’s larger and more centrally located.

 We are also very excited about the culinary program this year.

Our vegan chef is amazing and will add an opportunity to enhance out training with healthy delicious food options.

 5- I know it’s only a weekend but do you believe that the participants will get a good result if they follow the workout schedule?

The camp is a perfect amount of time.

It allows the participants to radically change their mindset and approach to fitness.

This is a true immersion into the Aero programs and they will see results and they will want to continue when they leave.


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